These 4 simple tips will protect your motorcycle from being stolen


license plate lookup – In a criminal’s work, a thief will target the most vulnerable vehicle where he or she can accomplish the crime quickly and efficiently. In order to prevent our motorcycle from being stolen, then make those thieves difficult to steal your bike so they will lose their intention to choose our bike as the target due to its complicated security.

Here are the 4 tips to prevent your bike from being stolen :

1. The handlebar lock

It’s easy, but often to be forgotten while parking our bike, it’s locking the motorcycle handlebar. An unlocked bike will be an easy target for the thieves. Lock the handlebar each time you’re parking your motorcycle.

2. Use the side stand switch

The motorcycle thieves are usually choosing the easiest and the quickest one to steal. That’s why you need to use the side stand switch of your motorcycle in order to complicate the thief that’s targeting your motorcycle. You can also combine it with the middle stand of the motorcycle.

3. Add extra security

By adding extra security for your motorcycle, the risk of it’s being stolen will be diminished a little. This is done in order to complicate the thieves that have been stalked and observed your motorcycle. One of the securities that you can do is by locking a padlock on the brake disc of your bike if it’s the automatic one, or on the back chain if it’s the manual one. Make sure you have released the lock when you’re going to ride.

4. Put a sticker or a “mark”

It’s recommended to put a sticker on your bike that could make your bike different from the others. This is done in order to make the police officer track your bike easier, just in case if it has stolen. Besides that, the stickers will make the thieves think twice before they’re choosing your motorcycle as their target.

Sources To Get Infromation By Typing The License Plate Number


We never know when an accident occurs and we are never really expected it to happens. Yet, an accident is inevitable no matter how careful we are in the road because there are so many people that ignorant and careless enough to make someone else suffered because of their negligence. One of the most common reasons for a car accident is drunk driving. Of course, this kind of behaviour is not tolerable and need to get the fair punishment for the person that caused your personal injury. The person might get away with their car, but make sure you held the most precious piece of information that will help you get the negligence driver, their license plate number. This piece is really valuable because you could track the vehicle plus the owner so they won’t get away with their awful mistake that could not happen if they take their responsibility on the road seriously.

License plate search is now could be done online, but you need to be careful about the source. The wrong source will make you lose money because it is usually a fraud to rob your money and provide wrong information. Remember, the license plate is public record information so you have full rights to request this information on anyone with the Freedom of Information Act. So, here are the best sources online to help you get the information you need:

1. People Public Records. In the, you can find information on car owners by the license plate number, name or VIN. You will have to pay a small amount of money with using service that will have variety in how long you will need to be registered on the website. Even with a month, three months or even six months, the search will be unlimited.

2. Search Quarry. By using the, you will be allowed to search for the information of the car owner by typing their license plate numbers or VIN. However, you need to pay monthly for their services.

3. Like other sources above, you could get the information by merely typing the license plate numbers or a VIN. Using this website will give you so much information like the name, full address, criminal records, telephone numbers etc.

So, by using these websites, you will save a lot of time from looking up the owner of the car that hit you. Use this information to get the justice that you deserve.

Why you need to do a license plate search before buy a used car


Acquiring a utilized vehicle is a great method to purchase a vehicle that matches your budget plan. Used car purchasing is not without threats, though, so you will certainly want to take some additional actions making sure you are purchasing a trusted car. You will certainly do some digging to guarantee the pre-owned automobile you are thinking about acquiring has had no significant accidents, a restored title, or other problems that can result in troubles for you down the line. A license plate search service can aid you to reveal details about a lorry prior to you buy it.

License Plate Search
When you get a permit plate number into a search device, you could uncover all of the details you need to make a good choice concerning buying a used car:

– Cars and truck Title and also Ownership Confirmation
You do not wish to acquire an auto that has been stolen. By running a certificate plate search, you can make sure the used car you wish to acquire is being marketed by the rightful proprietor. The title of a made use of automobile recognizes the VIN in addition to any liens that are held versus the lorry. You could make use of the VIN to run a full lorry background record if you desire additional information prior to getting.

– Liens Against a Utilized Car
If the previous owner of the cars and truck you’re considering buying has actually made use of the lorry as security on a finance or economic contract, it will have a “lien” on it. Before you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you want to ensure there are no liens against the title.

– Proof of Odometer
Some dishonest auto sellers will turn the odometer backward to make the automobile resemble it has actually taken a trip fewer miles. Transforming odometer analyses is a crime, especially if you buy an auto that has, even more, miles on it compared to you believe, you might not be obtaining the trusted lorry you’re expecting. A vehicle history record will validate the exact gas mileage for the vehicle.