Same Sex Adoptions

Same Sex Adoptions

Studies have shown that children tend to blossom in same sex families. The problem is that only one parent is allowed to adopt. By not allowing both parents to adopt the child, it means that he law can not protect the rights of the co-parent. The co-parent should have rights such as knowing that if something where to happen to the other parent they would still be able to care for the child. The co-parent should also have rights if for some reason the couple should split up. The co-parent needs to be allowed to make decisions such as for medical treatment or for educational purposes.

Research has also shown that there are really is not a difference between straight and non straight couples when it comes to parenting. Both want what is best for their children. Just because a child is raised by a same sex couple does not meant that they are going to grow up to be non straight. But they do tend to handle people of different cultures better.

The outcome of a child being raised in a same sex home is unknown. Many same sex couples are finding it more and more difficult to adopt and instead turn to insemination or sera get mothers. Some states allow one parent to adopt and then the second parent to do a domestic stepparent adoption. There are no international adopting countries that allow same sex couples either and if you gay or lesbian and single, if you keep your sexuality under wraps you may have better luck adopting. In Massachusetts, California, and Vermont, where same sex marriage is legal, they still recommend that the second parent file for stepparent adoption. This way the federal government will recognize the legality of the parent-child relationship.

Other than there unique hang ups and legal difficulty, the process is typically the same. A home study is required. So are the standard background checks. None of the steps are different, only getting those accomplished takes some breaking through taboos and stereo types. In general a lot of red tape. In some cases things tend to go right through when the judge is on your side, if he or she is not then there could be friction there too.

Regardless of where you decide to adopt, one thing is for certain due to how new this idea is for mainstream America same sex adoptions are likely to be an uphill battle for some time to come. Gay and lesbian couples will still be able to adopt after overcoming the challenges of their sexual orientation. And though little is known about how same sex parenting impacts a child raised in these circumstances, one could scrutinize that many have adopted already, and there are a lot of well adjusted children living in those situations, or it would not still be allowed.

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